Silver on Paper

Perfect way to share your appreciation, gratitude and respect.

It is not just a thank you card. It’s Silver on Paper

It is a beautiful card with a unique and inspiring message and a sterling silver brooch attached to it


Any silhouette and any shape you want – people, animals, flowers, food, cars, places – anything that is important to you will be made of 
a single piece of silver wire. 


Your emotions and wishes are wrapped and captured in words, so they can reach the very bottom of the receiver’s heart. Any text on your card will be handwritten with a classic copperplate.


Places you’ve been to, things you love, happiness of the moment – everything captured by the camera can be used for setting up the atmosphere of your message.

Format of a card

Huge projects take ages to get finished, but small cards are ready within 1 day! A6 format is easy to ship, fits in any purse and can even be framed.


I have a collection of printed cards of my personal design, and I am constantly working on new templates.All of the cards are printed on high-quality paper 235g / m² with a smooth, semi-matt finish. 
 Hand-made unique watercolored cards are also an option! 


Vector illustrations coming soon


You have no idea how cool it is to realize that you can create any shape you want using just a piece of a wire. From a usual metal thread you can create any silhouette, any shape, flat or 3D – anything you like! Just remember that copper is cheaper, but silver is shinier and lasts longer.